Cascadia Technical Academy is an approved provider of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Teacher Certification Program (Plan 2) pathway for obtaining the Washington State CTE Teaching Certificate from the Office of the Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction. In order to qualify for the CTE Teaching Certificate, you must meet the OSPI Business and Industry (Specialty Program Areas) Requirements.

Interested in our program? If so, please follow these steps:
STEP ONE:  Please go to the OSPI Initial Career and Technical Educator (CTE) Certificate page and read the Business and Industry (Specialty Program Areas) Requirements. The link to the page is here.

STEP TWO:  If you feel you meet the requirements for obtaining the CTE Teacher Certification, please complete each section of our Program Application Form

STEP THREE:  Upon receipt of the Program Application Form, the Program Coordinator will contact you regarding your next step in the enrollment process.

STEP FOUR: Before entering our program, you will need to provide your scores from a “basic skills test.” These scores could be from an older SAT or ACT test or you could take the WEST-B Test for reading, writing, and math. You are not required to pass the WEST-B before entering our program, but we are required to evaluate your abilities in order to offer you support, if necessary. For more information about the WEST-B Test click here.

STEP FIVE: All new candidates entering the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Plan 2 Teacher Certification Program must complete the Orientation form and will attend a brief orientation the first day of Elements of Teaching in the Fall of each year.

CTE Certification (Plan 2) Program Information

For more information:
​Contact Suzy Jajewski-Koehler, CTE Plan 2 Program Coordinator, at Susan.JajewskiKoehler@evergreenps.org or 360.604.1050 ext. 2113