Each of our 16 programs have industry leaders serving as part of a program advisory committee.  We also have community leaders who serve on a General Advisory Committee to works to promote Cascadia Tech as a whole.  Without the generous support of these valued community/industry leaders, our school could not function for long.  Check out our current list of partners by looking at our 2020 Partnership Brochure.

What Do Program Advisory Committees Provide?
For Students:

  • Help provide criteria and necessary pre-requisites for entering an occupation or profession.

  • Find internship opportunities and on-the-job training sites.

  • Support career placement opportunities for those completing programs.

  • Provide Scholarships.

  • Provide guest speakers to talk about various aspects of careers and occupations.

  • Offer tours of local businesses.

  • Plan and conduct skills contests and “mock” interviews.

  • Sponsor employer/student seminars.

For Teachers:

  • Help teachers formulate their professional development plans by providing opportunities to return to the workplace for up to date training.

  • Inform teachers about and invite them to attend technical seminars and workshops.

Curriculum and Course Advisement:

  • Review curriculum for relevancy and completeness related to competencies, skills, and knowledge.

  • Suggest new curriculum ideas based on changing technology.

  • Review performance standards for students.

  • Recommend “real life” lab experiences for students.

  • Review and recommending textbooks, films, other instructional materials.

  • Review student leadership/professionalism skills and assisting in the development of the curriculum.

  • Make suggestions for serving students with special needs.

  • Assist with short and long-range program planning.

  • Secure donated resource and reference materials.

Equipment and Facilities:

  • Make recommendations regarding new equipment.

  • Secure donation(s) of teaching aids and equipment.

  • Review safety standards in lab.

  • Make recommendations for facilities remodeling.

  • Be involved in program evaluation.

  • Conduct evaluation of advisory committee effectiveness.

  • Review progress of short-and long-range goals.

  • Review results of student and employer follow-up.

  • Make recommendations to improve or close a program.

Community Public Relations:

  • Discuss Cascadia Tech with business, industry, or service groups.

  • Make recommendations for program improvements with local administrators and policy makers such as school boards, county officials, state and federal legislators.

  • Interpret community input to staff and administrators.

  • Help to market Cascadia Tech education merits to students, parents, and counselors.

  • Review program-marketing plans.

Advisory Committee Members wanted:
We are always looking for volunteers for our Advisory Committees. Advisory Committees provide input to programs in areas such as curriculum advisement, equipment and facilities, community public relations, help with student projects (i.e. mock interviews, etc.) and provide teacher aid (i.e. guest speakers, etc.). Whether you are retired in a technical area or currently working, whether you’re a parent of a student or a former student, your input is greatly appreciated. If you are interested in volunteering on any of our program advisory committees, please contact the program instructor to find out more information or contact us expressing your interest in helping out.