Program Description:

This exciting and creative program offers students two opportunities to engage in the art and science of cosmetology or hair design while earning high school credits and state hours towards licensure in their chosen course. The courses consist of both lecture and lab instruction in all aspects of cosmetology and hair design. Each course is a two-year program. Juniors who successfully complete the first year will be eligible to return to the second-year program. Students who successfully complete year two in hair design with 1400 clock hours or cosmetology with 1600 clock hours will be eligible for their State Board Examination.

Cascadia Tech Cosmetology staff are committed to the highest standards of excellence.  Their mission is to foster the desire of inquiry in the mind of each student in order for them to grow personally, technically, and professionally.

It is recommended for students to meet with their counselors and get their transcript prior to starting first year. Students wanting to move onto second year must be on track to graduate and must provide a current transcript from their sending school.

Attendance is vitally important in both first and second year programs in order for the student to earn enough hours to complete the program and students will need to attend the summer school session between first and second year for additional hours.

First Year

The introduction to cosmetology/hair design is a course that encompasses the foundational concepts that will be used throughout the students’ entire career as a salon professional.  This foundation covers cosmetology theory and lab activities such as:  Client protection, safety, sanitation, hair cutting, hair styling, chemical waving, chemical relaxing treatments, thermal services, and hair color.  Professional development is a continual topic of training both in first and second year to lay the foundation for success, e.g., healthy mind and body, effective communication, and positive human relations. First year students learn how to create and maintain a culture consisting of safety, pro-social learning, integrity, and responsibility.  First year students will concentrate on the hair design course only.

The first-year cosmetology student will attend school for a 2.5-hour timeframe Monday through Friday during session one 7:45 to 10:15 a.m. or session two 11:15 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. Students will accrue approximately 400 clock hours during their first year that will be applied to the 1400/1600-hours state requirement for license. Attendance is crucial to gaining the offered hours during the first year.

Second Year

Option 1) Session 1: Monday through Friday, 7:15 – 10:15 AM

The second year AM cosmetology student will attend school for a 2.5-hour timeframe Monday through Friday during session one only. This class is for students who have attended the first-year program and are wanting to enhance their cosmetology and professionalism skills before entering the work force. Students will accrue approximately 400 hours that will be added to their existing hours earned from first year. Students will be in a clinic setting working on clients.  The time spent in the Enhanced cosmetology class will be used to identify areas that need improvement and students will be working towards a healthy mind and personal confidence.

Option 2) Extended Day: Monday through Thursday, 11:15 AM – 5:00 PM and Friday 11:15 AM – 1:45 PM

Students will work in the Cascadia Tech Salon Monday through Thursday.  Students will learn exciting new advanced materials and techniques while practicing and building upon first year fundamentals.  Students will engage and participate in managing the salon, communication, professional conduct, researching and synthesizing new information, demonstration of knowledge in theory and technical skills, and marketing themselves in order to build a clientele. They will also learn the importance of retail sales and salesmanship.  There may be opportunities for student competitions at a regional, state, and national level.  Student internships will be recommended in order to earn additional hours needed for licensure. The importance of exemplary attendance is crucial to obtain hours needed for license. Students will also participate in State Board Preparation classes that simulate the actual State Board test.

The course curriculum includes the following:

  • Career development

  • Professionalism

  • Salon studies

  • Safety, hygiene and bacteriology

  • Sterilization and sanitation

  • Decontamination and infection control

  • Shampooing (soap and dry)

  • Scalp massage

  • Hair reconstruction

  • Hair coloring and bleaching – practical and theory

  • Iron curling and waving

  • Hair fashioning, shaping, and cutting

  • Theory and science of cosmetology

  • Cold permanent waving – practical and theory

  • Finger waving

  • Laws of beauty culture

  • 3 High School credits

  • Possible high school credit equivalency in health and science or 3rd year option math. Check out your district’s offerings by going to the programs tab on the Skills Center website and clicking on “Credit Equivalency”.

  • Preparation for passing state exam to receive license

  • Possible apprenticeship opportunities

Industry Certifications Available:

  • WA State Hair Design License

  • WA Cosmetology License

  • Hair Color certification

  • Barbicide Certification

  • 21st Century Skills certification


Cosmetology/Hair Design

  • Students must have at least junior standing and be 16 years of age or older

  • Reading proficiency at 9th grade level

  • Excellent high school attendance record

Cosmetology/Hair Design II

  • Must pass 1st year program with a B grade or better to qualify for 2nd year; limited space available

  • Second year students must provide own transportation after school on Monday through Thursday


  • Health, biology, and speech are all classes recommended to have taken prior to this class

  • Successful completion of Integrated Math 1 or Algebra 1, highly recommended

  • Good physical coordination: no leg or back difficulties, good finger dexterity, and good eye-hand coordination


  • Valid Social Security number is required for state licensing exam

  • Upon acceptance into the program, student and parent/guardian are required to attend the orientation at Cascadia Technical Academy.

Opportunity for enrollment in Skills USA, Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) and participation in leadership and technical skills competitions. (At Instructors discretion)

 Career Opportunities:

  • WA State licensed Hair Designer

  • WA State licensed Cosmetologist

  • Professional product representative

  • Cosmetology instructor

  • Salon owner

  • Salon manager

  • Platform artist

Credit Equivalencies and College Credit:
Click here to learn more about credit equivalencies.
Click here to learn more about the articulation agreements and college credits available for each program.

Program Supply List / Student Costs:

CTA programs require that uniforms, supplies, and other program specific related items be purchased prior to the first day of school.  To access the list for this program’s uniform, supply and other program related costs please click here.

Note: It is recommended that all students attending Cascadia Technical Academy have medical insurance. Family medical insurance or student accident insurance is required for students participating in internships or clinicals.  Student accident insurance is available through the sending high school.

If you have concerns regarding these expenses, please see Melissa Downing.  There are funds available for qualifying students. Ms. Downing can be reached at 360-604-1062 or at Ms. Downing is available during the school year when school is in session.