Program Description:

During this two-year course, enrolled students will work with personnel in the criminal justice and public service agencies. This includes the Vancouver police department, sheriff’s office, prosecuting attorney’s office, local and state courts, juvenile justice department, Washington state department of corrections and federal law enforcement agencies. Students also engage with guest speakers from these agencies, and experience classroom instruction involving representatives from multiple criminal justice agencies. Skills and competencies taught will include an overview of the criminal justice system, law enforcement, community policing, criminal acts and impacts on society, the U.S. Constitution, criminal codes, work-readiness, investigations, responding to mock scenes and interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills. Graduating students will have the opportunity to apply for their Oregon Private Security Professional certificate. Students will also complete training in CPR and the National Incident Management System. It’s recommended that students further their education at a community or four-year college for entry level and promotional opportunities enhancement.

Students in the Criminal Justice Program will learn:

  • Criminal and civil law

  • Investigative procedures

  • Career options

  • Law enforcement ethics

  • How laws are created and can be changed

  • The definition of crime and alternatives to incarceration

  • Illegal substances and actions required to seize substances

  • Conflict resolution

  • Record keeping, technical writing and technology

  • Understanding and working with diversity

  • Professional development/leadership skills

  • Safety issues related to criminal justice

  • Basic self-defense

  • Crime scene investigation

  • Patrol techniques

  • The U.S. Constitution

  • Phonetic alphabet

  • Traffic control

  • Mock scenes/traffic stops

  • Courtroom procedures

  • History of law enforcement, corrections and courts

 Program Benefits:

  • 3 High school credits

  • High school credit equivalency (1.0 U.S. History- Social Studies elective and .5 P.E. at the discretion of the sending school district)

  • Competency certificate

  • Leadership opportunities through Community Service, Mock Trial and Skills USA.

  • Preparation for next level of education/training

  • Scholarship opportunities

  • Internship opportunities

  • Successful completion of the program, with a grade of “B” or higher, may result in college credit

  • Within two years of the program you have the opportunity to gain 15 college credits

Industry Certifications Available:

  • Licensed Private Security Professional in Oregon State upon passing required tests and paying license and finger print fees to the State of Oregon

  • First Aide/CPR (must pass the tests and pay approximately $30 fee for cards)

  • National Incident Command Certificates upon successful completions of tests for “Introduction to Incident Command System for Law Enforcement” and “National Incident Command System”

  • ASP Handcuff/Baton certification (must pass written exam and performance exam)

  • 21st Century Skills (300) certificate with Precision Exams score of at least 80.

  • Law Enforcement (570) certificate with Precision Exams score of at least 80.

  • Criminal Justice 1 (5310) certificate with Precision Exams score of at least 70.

  • Criminal Justice 2 (5410) certificate with Precision Exams score of at least 70.

Criminal Justice I

  • Reading and writing proficiency at 10th grade level

  • Excellent high school attendance record

  • Ability to pass a Clark County Jail Tour background check

  • Must provide own transportation to Mock Trial practices (Monday nights) and Community Service sites.

Criminal Justice II

  • Must pass 1st year program with a B grade or better to qualify for 2nd year; limited space available

  • Ability to pass a Clark County Jail Tour background check

  • Must provide own health insurance to participate in internships

  • Must provide own transportation to internship site and provide current car insurance

Note:  Upon acceptance into the program, student and parent/guardian are required to attend the orientation at Cascadia Technical Academy.

Successful completion of Writing HSPE (CJ is a writing intensive course)


  • Possible enrollment in Skills USA regional and state competition tournaments

  • Students may have the opportunity to compete in YMCA Mock Trial competition

  • Students may have the opportunity to compete in YMCA Youth Legislature

  • Possible enrollment in Portland Police Cadet Program or the Clark County Sheriff’s Explorers program

 Career Opportunities – Entry level:

  • Washington State Department of Corrections Officer (must be 18 years old)

  • Local and state law enforcement cadets

  • Records and reception clerk in local, state/federal juvenile & adult correction agencies

  • Private Security

 Career Opportunities – With further education:
Police and Law Enforcement:

  • Communication/Dispatch

  • Custody Officer

  • Police Officer

  • Corrections Crew Chief

  • State Police

  • Local, State and Federal Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys

  • Positions within Local, State/Federal Juvenile and Adult Courts

  • US Department of Customs

  • Local, State and Federal Private Security and Investigation Agencies

  • Washington State Fish and Game Department

  • Internal Revenue Service

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

  • Secret Service

  • US Marshall

  • Forensic lab

  • TSA Agents


  • Criminal Defense Attorney

  • Prosecutor

  • Judge

  • Court Reporter

  • Court Administrator


  • Correctional Officer – state and federal

  • Correctional Counselor – state and federal

  • Detention Officer – county

  • Probation Officer – state and federal

  • Case Worker – state and federal

  • Parole Officer – state

Credit Equivalencies and College Credit:
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Program Supply List / Student Costs:
CTA programs require that uniforms, supplies, and other program specific related items be purchased prior to the first day of school.  To access the list for this program’s uniform, supply and other program related costs please click here.

Note: It is recommended that all students attending Cascadia Technical Academy have medical insurance. Family medical insurance or student accident insurance is required for students participating in internships or clinicals.  Student accident insurance is available through the sending high school.

If you have concerns regarding these expenses, please see Melissa Downing. There are funds available for qualifying students. Ms. Downing can be reached at 360-604-1062 or at Ms Downing is available during the school year when school is in session.