The Dental Clinic at Cascadia Technical Academy is open to the public. 

Please call our Clinic Manager at (360) 604-1057 to schedule an appointment.

High-quality care is provided to Cascadia Technical Academy patients by licensed community dentist volunteers. The dentists are supported by licensed community dental hygienist volunteers and the Cascadia Tech’s Dental students and staff.

Services provided in our clinic include:

Regular and emergency dental exams
Silver and tooth-colored fillings
Tooth removal
Child & Adult cleanings
Professional Teeth Whitening

Services NOT included:

Root Canals
Dentures or bridges

*Cost for services are typically 1/4 the cost of the dental communities fees. Payment is made the same day of service by cash, card, or check (with proper identification).

Dental Treatment Fees

A list of other dental clinic resources is available through this link: Clark County Dental Resources