Information Technology Systems, Service & Security students competed in the SkillsUSA SW Region IT Contests. Congratulations to all the medal winners!

Information Technology Services

Competitors compete in modules designed to test their knowledge as an IT service professionals. The competition will challenge competitors to correct end-user computing issues, configure and secure networks, manage virtual machines, navigate and modify operating system internals, deploy operating systems, leverage troubleshooting software and tools, identify virus and malware origins, work with mobile devices, and proficiently use command line interfaces. The operating system is Windows. Additionally, competitors are evaluated on their interpersonal skills (such as communication, teamwork, and honesty).

Gold: Mia Greer

Silver: Brennan Murphy

Bronze: Dennis Rafferty

Cyber Security

Students will be tested on the elements of the NIST Publication 800-181 Cybersecurity Workforce Framework categories including Securely Provision, Operate and Maintain, and Protect and Defend.

Gold: Nick Anderson, Parker Ellson

Silver: Tyler Grossman, Ethan Rathke

Telecom Cabling

For students interested in voice and data network cabling and installation. Industry indicates that 80% of the problems in networking, security systems installations, and other installations are caused by cabling and connectivity issues not the computers, servers, switches, etc. This competition tests worldwide industry standards related to cabling for data and voice connections, physical and logical networks, and signal transmission. Competitors demonstrate skills in copper cable termination, patch panel installation, and termination, installing jacks, cable testing and troubleshooting, and providing customer service. The competition stresses safety in all activities.

Gold: Eli Berglin

Silver: Ethan Farrant

PC Maintenance

Students demonstrate the ability to: perform maintenance and preventative maintenance on personal computers, laptop computers, and portable devices, including identification of names, purposes, and characteristics.  They will describe and identify network connectors, cables, and connectivity technologies, as well as install and upgrade network cards, and wired and wireless connections. Identify, install, troubleshoot and upgrade hardware security, as well as be able to identify safety and environmental concerns surrounding computer technology.

Gold: Noah Julius

Silver: Kyle Leffel

Bronze: Malcolm McLennan